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To help his grandmother stay hydrated, man creates “water you can eat” Jelly Drops that look like candy and appeal to people with dementia.

In February 2018, Lewis Hornby and his mother received a distressing call about his Grandma Pat, who had been living with dementia for five years. They were told to prepare for the worst as she had suddenly taken a downturn. However, within 24 hours of being put on a drip, Grandma Pat made a remarkable recovery. It turned out she had been severely dehydrated, highlighting a significant issue affecting people with dementia.

Lewis, an engineering graduate studying for a Master’s degree at Imperial College London, saw an opportunity to address this problem. Recognizing the challenges faced by dementia patients, such as not feeling thirsty, difficulty using cups, and refusing help to drink, Lewis embarked on a mission to create a product that could provide a solution.

After staying in his grandma’s care home and witnessing the confusion caused by dementia, Lewis, along with fellow students, developed an innovative hydrating treat. The resulting fruity ‘sweet’ comprised 95% water and electrolytes, presented in a solid form that dementia patients could perceive as a treat.

Testing the prototypes at the care home, Lewis observed remarkable success with Grandma Pat, who consumed seven drops in the first 10 minutes. Inspired by this positive outcome, Lewis submitted videos of Pat eating the drops to the James Dyson Awards. While they didn’t win, the response was overwhelming, prompting Lewis to consider crowdfunding.

With a Justgiving page raising £10,000 and a grant from the Alzheimer’s Society’s Accelerator Programme, Lewis founded Pattinson’s Jelly Drops. Shaped like teardrops, these hydrating treats are designed to be easy to pick up, empowering the elderly to feed themselves independently.

After 18 months of development, with the support of a confectionery expert, Pattinson’s Jelly Drops are ready to launch. Sadly, Grandma Pat passed away in April from coronavirus at the age of 83. Her name lives on through the product, and Lewis is proud to know that others will benefit from something inspired by her.

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Last modified: January 29, 2024