Woman Gives A New Life To a Sad Shelter Cat, And the Transformation is Incredible

A shelter cat was so depressed that he kept himself plunged in the corner of his cage all day, but a woman took a chance on him and changed his life forever.


A ginger tomcat had been wandering around a neighbourhood for quite some time. “One day (he) parked himself on someone’s front porch and stayed there for about 6 weeks, until they decided they couldn’t care for him any more,” – Tegan.
They transported the stray cat to the shelter. “He was there for about two weeks before I came in. I was actually there with my local roller derby team, to take some photos of the adoptable animals and do a sort of cross-advertisement with them. But within a few minutes, I looked at him, so sad in his little cage, and I knew.”
She told them she wanted to see the cat. “When they let me take him in the visitation room, he sneezed a few times. So I knew he was a little sick and I had to be the one to take him home and get him better.”
“I’m so glad I did.” She named him GusGus.

on the arm of his Savior

It didn’t surprise Tegan that he was so sad at the shelter.
“He had one of those kitty colds that they get at the shelter and even a tapeworm… He was very sick and confused for a bit, from the stress of going to the shelter and then to a new home. We got all of that fixed up for him. He has been my little shadow around my apartment ever since,” – Tegan
GusGus completely turned around within a few days. The sadness was wiped off his face for good.


In the days that followed, GusGus began being more motivated and discovered his newfound energy and confidence. “He follows me everywhere, and loves laying on his favourite blanket (the red one in the picture) next to me on the couch.”


He’s become a cat full of joy, always begging for attention and love. “He is such a lovable little goofball.”


He loves to show off with his toys…


“This snuggly little goofball captured my heart almost exactly two years ago, and I’ve loved him ever since.”
Tegan helped GusGus find happiness, now he gives her love and endless cuddles. “He has brought me so much joy.”

A Gentlemen

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