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[WATCH] Zoltan Chivay Audition for ‘The Witcher Season 4’

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While the third season of Netflix’s The Witcher is preparing for release, active preparation for Season 4 has already begun and we even got a confirmation for Season 5. Casting is currently ongoing for Season 4 and we now have our first audition tape, which happens to be none other Zoltan Chivay.

Zoltan Chivay Audition for The Witcher Season 4

[WATCH] Zoltan Chivay Audition for 'The Witcher Season 4'

Several days ago a casting call was made for The Witcher Season 4, which was looking for actors with restricted growth to portray a group of tough warriors who happen upon another group of travelers. That was undoubtedly for Zoltan Chivay and his band of merry dwarves.

Actor Kwok One published his audition tape, where Zoltan, codenamed ‘Zosma‘ is singing a song and interrupts his performance when he sees a bard. Jaskier, naturally. He shushes his swearing parrot codenamed ‘Plastic Storage Box’. This is, of course, Field Marshal Windbag.

To summarize the dialogue, this is a version of a scene from Andrzej Sapkowski’s Baptism of Fire, where Geralt and his Hansa meet Zoltan and his group along with refugees. After some back and forth, they agree to travel together until they split up.

Here is the transcription of the scene. There are some parts that are hard to hear, but we get the general idea.

Zoltan: I’ll be damned, it’s the bard! Zosma is the name. The long-nose one is called Polaris..
Parrot: F’in hell!
Zoltan: Shut your beak! Bird is clever but vulgar. Paid ten crowns for this freak. It’s called Plastic Storage Box. Ah well, and there were more, but soldiers seized them, put some of them to the sword, and scattered the others. We came across them in the forest and now we travel together.
X: Aye […] though and Jeremy Arthur.
Zoltan: I’ve heard tales from [Jacubi?]. Well, he let you live. So that means she can’t be that bad!
X: It’s very bold of you, marching along the highway and singing.
Zoltan: I don’t reckon weeping as you go is any better. I mean, more and more the roads are littered with bodies and the stench of arson hangs in the air. The least we can do is try to stay hopeful.
X: Same company of like minds.
Zoltan: Aye! Perhaps you’d want to travel with us? Where are you heading?
X: To the south, actually.
Zoltan: Right, to the south. Well, if it’s the South, it’s sheer raging hellfire down there. Why would you wanna go towards it?
X: To find someone we lost.
Zoltan: Oh, feels to me like you have some internal strife to figure out. Well, regardless, we’re going East, not South. But why don’t we travel as one company until we split up? Safety in numbers, as they say. […] deprived of your own steed, you can sit in the wagon.
X: [inaudible]

All in all, this signals that The Witcher Season 4 is a go at Netflix and we should be hearing more news about it sooner rather than later.

Season 3 of The Witcher is in post-production for a June and July release. The Rats spin-off is currently in production. Stay tuned

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