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Warrior Season 3 Returns: Trailer and Everything

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If you like TV action, especially of the martial arts variety, one series you have to watch is the HBO Max historical action-drama “Warrior.” The series is based on the writings and ideas of Bruce Lee, and it centers on Ah Sahm (Andrew Koji), who arrives in the 1870s in San Francisco from China in search of his sister Mai Ling (Dianne Doan).

Ah Sahm joins a local Tong, one of Chinatown’s criminal gangs, only to discover that his sister has risen to the top of another. Between territorial rivalries between the Tongs, local authorities, and an increasingly irate Irish community, there are ample opportunities for high-stakes conflict.

Koji is a charismatic lead, and the series boasts film-caliber action choreography. Season 2 wrapped up in late 2020, focusing on the San Francisco riot of 1877 and its aftermath. That conflict will inevitably shake Chinatown to its core, the stakes have never been higher, and the wait has never been longer.

“Warrior” fans once more have reason to celebrate, however, with an exciting new teaser arriving alongside a season 3 premiere date (and it’s closer than you think)

Watch the Warrior Season 3 Trailer

Season 2 of “Warrior” saw tensions build between the community of Chinese immigrants — both within and without the tongs, as well as gangs of increasingly nationalistic Irish workers — until an angry, racist Irish mob violently marched their way into Chinatown. They’ve pushed out thanks to de facto unity on the part of the Tongs’ greatest warriors, and Ah Sahm emerges as an accidental folk hero of sorts.

His struggle in season 3 will surely involve coming to terms with this new legacy, as series star Andrew Koji explained in an interview with Deadline:

Since coming off the boat and entering the world of San Francisco, Chinatown, Ah Sahm has been a great fighter, but not a true martial artist or Warrior. He's like an early draft version of the icon of Bruce Lee— always too rough around the edges and immature to become the man he should be for the people that need him. This part of the story sees him step further into his true self.
Warrior Season 3 Returns: Trailer and Everything

This path will undoubtedly cause tension between Ah Sahm and his friend (and new tong leader) Young Jun (Jason Tobin), and will surely put a target on his back as Mai Ling aims to maneuver her government connections for greater power in Chinatown.

The series’ first two seasons aired on Cinemax before the latter halted original programming, and the series was subsequently picked up and renewed by HBO Max (where you can now stream all previous episodes). Boasting strong drama and some of the best martial arts action in TV history, you won’t want to miss season 3.

Warrior season 3 premieres with a pair of new episodes on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

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