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The End Is Nigh for the 828ers in ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2

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The 828 passengers are taking off for one final flight, as Manifest Season 4 gears up to release its second batch of episodes. The series with just as turbulent a journey as its characters returns on June 2, and it just might be the end of the world as we know it.

While viewers anxiously wait to see what the show has in store, Netflix debuted the official trailer for Season 4 Part 2. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The trailer begins relatively mellow, with Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) rallying the passengers one more time. After brief flashes of the Part 1 finale, the trailer quickly reminds viewers of the colossal stakes at hand. After all, trying to stop the end of the world is no small feat. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) is a firm reminder of this, noting how even though she and the others work to solve the Callings, it’s not nearly enough for what’s coming. Meanwhile, Cal’s (Ty Doran) dragon scar becomes more present, taking on a strange glow that matches one Angelina (Holland Taylor) has. And speaking of Angelina, she remains as zealous as ever, convinced she is meant to usher in the apocalypse.

The second half of the trailer places a greater emphasis on the characters, and their relationships with each other. As Ben continues his speech, he reminds everyone to be with their loved ones — which isn’t at all foreboding. While he talks, scenes flash by with some of the key character relationships.

Amidst the intense action included, it seems that everyone will continue leaning on each other, offering support however they can as they race to save all of humanity. Dallas previously told Collider that Part 2 will continue to “concentrate on the characters and their journey through this crazy thing that happened to them.”

The End Is Nigh for the 828ers in 'Manifest' Season 4 Part 2
Image via Netflix

What Else to Expect From Manifest Season 4 Part 2

Season 4 Part 1 ended on quite a fiery note (literally) after Angelina used the Omega Sapphire, creating massive volcanic fissures in the ground. Part 2 picks up in the aftermath, and the fear surrounding the 828ers is at an all-time high. So, while Ben and the others work to stop Angelina, he and Saanvi try to collaborate with the 828 registry.

Meanwhile, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) grieves Zeke’s death but continues working on the Callings with Jared (J.R. Ramirez). And Cal, who has the biggest connection to the Callings and, now, Angelina, may be the final beacon of hope against the Death Date. Additionally, creator Jeff Rake teased that the series finale will be the show’s biggest episode yet.

Manifest debuts its final episodes on June 2 only on Netflix. Watch the trailer below:

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