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Superman & Lois Drops Another Bruno Bombshell

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If you were surprised by Onomatopoeia’s unmasking on last week’s Superman & Lois, actor Chad L. Coleman has one question for you: Why?

“I told them it just seems a little too obvious,” Coleman tells TVLine with a laugh, emphasizing that Peia (aka Bruno Mannheim’s wife) is literally in the villain’s name. “But it worked, so kudos to the writers. People really didn’t get it until they got it.”

Speaking of Peia, Tuesday’s episode flashed back to happier (albeit more violent) times for the couple, who gained power in Hob’s Bay by taking out a powerful crime boss named Moxie. But even in their more criminal moments, the couple was worth rooting for — and still might be.

“Bruno is a complex man operating in a very gray area,” Coleman says. “He may be tough and intense, but his humanity shines through with his love of his wife, his community, and his son. People can get behind that. The more complex the character is, the richer and more rewarding their journey is.”

Speaking of Bruno’s family, the final moments of this week’s episode revealed that not only is Peia his wife, but Matteo is also their son!

“We feel like a family,” Coleman says. “It’s great casting when you see us together. It makes perfect sense.”

Naturally, a meeting of Matteo and Natalie’s parents is in order, and Coleman says the big moment of realization will be worth the wait: “Oh, you should be very excited. Pandora’s Box is gonna fly wide open, and oh my gosh, I can’t wait. Just buckle up, buddy.”

Elsewhere on this week’s Superman & Lois

* Sarah rejected the very notion of spending time with her dad’s new girlfriend — that is until she discovered some fun gummies in Chrissy’s purse. Suddenly Kyle’s Coachella-attending lady friend got a whole lot cooler in his daughter’s eyes.

* Blissfully unaware of Matteo’s parentage, Natalie invited her new boyfriend over to have lunch with John Henry, and it did not go well. Fortunately, John had Lana to talk him out of being too overprotective. And don’t think all that flirting went unnoticed!

* After conveying the severity of her illness to Jordan and Jonathan, Lois explained that she isn’t going to try Kryptonian technology against her cancer because [1] it wouldn’t be fair to those without it, and [2] it would be incredibly risky.

Your thoughts on this week’s many twists and turns? And did you predict the Matteo–Bruno connection before it was revealed? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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