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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

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Warning! SPOILERS for Station 19 season 6, episode 17 ahead.

Station 19 season 6, episode 17 provided an incredible setup for the drama’s season 6 finale. Station 19 season 6’s penultimate episode furthered many storylines developed throughout the season, even introducing a crucial showdown regarding who will lead the firehouse since Beckett’s resignation as captain.

All in all, Station 19 season 6, episode 17, “All These Things That I’ve Done,” beautifully set the scene for the drama surely ensuing in the Station 19 season 6 finale.

After Dixon’s threats against Chief Ross and everything Station 19 stood for, the episode in question proved that Natasha took Andy’s advice to heart. Between the mayoral election finally coming to close and multiple mental health issues being addressed to a satisfying end, Station 19 season 6, episode 17 managed to wrap up several loose ends.

However, it also introduced new troubles for the firefighters at Station 19, upending many of the changes Theo’s interim captaincy brought to the show. Here is a breakdown of the biggest developments featured in Station 19 season 6, episode 17.

Chief Ross Talking To The Press (Because Andy Got Through To Her)

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

The reveal of Natasha and Sully’s relationship spoiled Chief Ross’ stature in the fire department’s affairs, leading Natasha to react in the only way she thought possible to limit the losses for Station 19. However, Andy’s proactive approach to try and find a way for Chief Ross to keep her job and continue doing good for FD and with Crisis One finally proved to have made a dent. Indeed, not only did Natasha seem inspired enough by Andy’s speech in Station 19 season 6, episode 16 to set up an interview with a journalist, but she also continued to liaise with the press in Station 19 season 6, episode 17.

Protecting her dignity by stepping down was the only action Natasha thought of because of how everyone reacted to her relationship with a subordinate, effectively pushing her to see that as her only option. However, Andy’s speech to her in Station 19 season 6, episode 16 reminded her that the many improvements in Seattle’s FD were only due to her work.

Without her, Station 19 and Seattle’s FD would both suffer, going back to business as usual, neglecting many of the problems Natasha’s leadership put front and center. Chief Ross boldly admitting to the press that she has no intention of resigning underlines how Andy really convinced her.

Reggie’s Gift Was Worth More Than A Medal To Warren In Station 19

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

Station 19 season 6, episode 15’s fire was just as momentous for Ben Warren as it was for Andy, who had to watch once again someone she loved falling through a roof. However, managing to save only Milo and losing Taylor to a fire truly haunted Ben, and knowing he would have had to receive a medal of honor for that call only worsened things. Not only did Milo hate him for not saving what he saw as his family, but Ben himself couldn’t see all the good that he did even if he couldn’t save Taylor.

Warren being unable to see himself as worthy of a medal of honor is in line with his reaction to the fire but Station 19 season 6, episode 17 offered a glimmer of hope. Reggie’s case was less dramatic but just as time-sensitive in Station 19 season 6, and Ben saving him as a doctor and firefighter eventually made the difference. Reggie coming back from his trip to Italy to bring Ben a souvenir proved Reggie took his advice, truly changing his life after Warren saved him. Witnessing that is worth more than a medal of honor because it reminded Ben of the different ways he can be a hero.

Why Station 19’s Maya Chose Carina Over Her Captaincy

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

Maya’s mental health issues in Station 19 season 6 weren’t emphasized by Maya losing her captaincy but by her inability to accept that development and stopping at nothing, no matter how unethical, to get that back.

Between Maya’s inability to accept that reality and her pushing herself to the brink, her problems only increased, becoming unavoidable by the time she had her accident. However, Maya’s refusal to propose her name as a possible permanent captain of Station 19 in Station 19 season 6, episode 17 shows she truly learned to put herself first.

Maya choosing her health over her career because that’s what she needs at that moment in life was the proof Carina needed to believe that Maya actually got better. But what makes this truly meaningful is the fact that Maya didn’t just do this to prove something to Carina; instead, Maya chose not to throw her hat into the ring because to making pursuing her goals – rebuilding her life with Carina – easier.

Vic Following Her Hunch Saved Beckett In Station 19

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

Beckett’s problematic story in Station 19 season 6 took a darker turn even if no one besides Vic realized it in Station 19 season 6, episode 17. Despite Station 19 repeating multiple times how more firefighters die by suicide than in action, only Vic noticed the telltale signs of Beckett having decided to kill himself. Indeed, despite Beckett not finishing the program and his unusual behavior at work, none of the characters connected the dots because the team at Station 19 seemingly didn’t care enough about Beckett to make an effort to do so, and also on account of the many problems he had caused them in the past.

Vic recognizing all the signs and making an effort for Beckett, being there for him with an excuse because she was sure he would have killed himself if she didn’t try something, effectively saved him.

This not only proves that Vic’s hunch about Beckett was right but also that her choice to follow Diane’s steps worked brilliantly for her. Vic’s insight helped Beckett, proving that her journey to become a psychologist just like Diane was the right choice for her because she was good at it, and it made her feel helpful in a way firefighting never did in Station 19.

Theo, Sully & Andy’s Disagreements Don’t Bode Well For Station 19 Season 6

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

Beckett’s refusal to pursue Station 19’s captaincy brought the firehouse’s leaders back to squabbling. While his previous actions effectively endangered the firefighters in Station 19 season 6, Beckett’s opposite decision undid some of the improvements made during Theo’s interim captaincy.

Having to prove themselves obviously went to the head of both Sully and Theo, but Andy defying Theo’s orders in Station 19 season 6, episode 17 could have made sense even if she wasn’t in the running for captain of Station 19. Still, coupled with her smug remarks, Andy’s actions could also be viewed as a tactic to make herself look better as a leader in front of Ross.

Chief Ross’ confrontation with all three lieutenants at the end of the episode hinted at how difficult her choice will be. The possibility of a permanent external captain of Station 19 is closer because of Theo, Andy, and Sully’s disputes. However, their actions might just as well make Chief Ross retrace her steps and make a different choice than when she had to pick Station 19’s interim captain. If so, that could pave the way for Station 19 to put Andy back at the story’s center.

Brooke Finding Lila Shows How She Understands Jack

Station 19 Season 6 Episode 17 Recap: Shocking Moments Explained

Station 19 season 5’s ending unveiled the truth about Jack’s biological family, and learning about his many siblings almost broke Jack. Between leaving Station 19 and punishing himself by being with Rigo’s widow, Eva, Jack felt utterly alone because of that knowledge in Station 19 season 6, but his relationship with Brooke still proved fruitful despite their different upbringings.

Jack spent months trying to find those he viewed as family, and Lila was especially difficult to find. Brooke finding Lila and reuniting her with Jack proves that despite their differences, Brooke is the only biological sibling who truly understands Jack, even if they only met recently in Station 19.

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