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Priyanka Chopra Recalls When Director Said He Needed to ‘See Her Underwear’

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas is looking back on mistreatment early in her Bollywood career.

The Love Again actress, 40, recalled in an interview with The Zoe Report that she once quit a movie after a “dehumanizing moment” involving a director, around 2002 or 2003, she said.

Priyanka Chopra Recalls When Director Said He Needed to 'See Her Underwear'

“I’m undercover, I’m seducing the guy — obviously that’s what girls do when they’re undercover,” Chopra Jonas joked of the role she was cast in. “But I’m seducing the guy and you have to take off one piece of clothing [at a time].”

“I wanted to layer up. The filmmaker was like, ‘No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why is anybody coming to watch this movie?’ ” she added.

The actress continued, “He didn’t say it to me; he said it to the stylist in front of me. It was such a dehumanizing moment. It was a feeling of, I’m nothing else outside of how I can be used, my art is not important, what I contribute is not important.”

According to the outlet, Chopra Jonas quit the movie after two days and paid the production back. “I just couldn’t look at him every day,” she said of the unnamed director.

Priyanka Chopra Recalls When Director Said He Needed to 'See Her Underwear'

On the Armchair Expert podcast earlier this year, Chopra Jonas explained why she transitioned away from Bollywood into a career in Hollywood, where she starred in the series Quantico and movies like 2017’s Baywatch.

“I was being pushed into a corner in the industry. I had beef with people, and again, I’m not good at playing the game. I was kind of just tired of the politics,” she said in March of leaving Bollywood, according to NBC News.

Chopra Jonas, who currently stars on the Prime Video series Citadel, also told Zoe Report about the types of characters she hopes to play in the future.

“I’m hoping to find parts that give me the ability to lose myself and actually become my character, because that’s what I do,” she said.

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