Owner Thinks Dog is struggling with Bug Bites, But In a Seconds Understand They’re Bullet Holes

“I was in shock, I didn’t even know what to think,” Hayden told local news station KTLA.

A cash reward has been put up in exchange for more information about the person responsible for shooting an innocent English mastiff puppy an estimated 27 times with a BB pellet and handgun – on Seymour’s far west side. The reward has gone up to $500 over several weeks back in April 2017.
The dog concerned was named Jackson, and his owner’s name was Hayden Howard. Jackson had luckily, survived the attack which had occurred while he was in his home’s fenced backyard, 400 Vehslage Road.

“I wasn’t sure what (the holes) were, so I googled it, and it said something about botfly,” Howard remarked.

Howard’s friend, Seneca McKinney, who sold Jackson to Howard when he was just 8 weeks old, even came by to take a look at the now 1-year-old Jackson. The pair, however, were unable to determine what exactly happened to the poor dog.

Howard decided to take him to a vet nearby the following Monday. The vet had successfully extracted all 20 BB pellets and 7 gunshot bullets out of the dog, telling his horrified owner that the dog was most likely, shot at close range due to the precise accuracy.

“It just baffles me that someone would want to do that to him. He’s not a vicious dog. He’s lovable and just lays there in the backyard. No one has ever come to me with a problem with him. He’s always been shy, even around me.”

“He had one under his eyelid, and he could have been blinded,” Howard recalled tearfully. Poor Jackson had to be administered a course of pain medication as a result of his injuries.

Since the incident, a man in Seymour, 44-year-old Tim Woodard, was linked to the crime of firing the 27 shots inflicted on Jackson. The man, however, was arrested due to other charges, namely drug possessions of meth, paraphernalia, and marijuana.

another poor dog in this cruel world

Share this heart felt story to the society to stop another cruel one. save the animals.

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