Owner Reunites With Her Dog 6 Years after He Went Missing

She searched for him everywhere, but to no avail. As time passed by, she accepted the painful truth that she will never see her furry pal again. But then, six years after her dog disappeared she got a phone call that changed it all.


The story starts with a stray dog walking back and forth a Walmart parking lot. The staff noticed the animal was confused so the manager decided to snap a few photos and post them online hoping someone would recognize the dog and help. She shared the photos on the Norman Community Facebook Page, writing:

“I’m lost! I need my parents. I wandered into Walmart on Classen Blvd. Come get me!”

The photos had been seen by many people, and a woman named Deb Melser who stumbled upon them though the dog wasn’t really a stray, but lost. So, she headed to Walmart and decided to check whether the cute doggie had a microchip.


Well, she was right. The confused animal belonged to someone and was probably lost.

“I can’t believe I was part of something pretty amazing tonight. So, a dog walks into Walmart through the cart section – LOL – sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?”

“True story, though. I volunteer to scan him for a microchip. Drive over to Walmart, where a very kind woman, the assistant manager of the store, has him in her office.”

“Lo and behold, he HAS a chip!! Call the chip company and got owner info. First number was incorrect. Second number worked, and this lady’s mom said, she doesn’t think her daughter has that dog anymore.”


Deb said how the manager, Sandy, agreed to take the dog until his owners were contacted. But then, the woman who lost the dog called in.

“Kimberly, who the chip is registered to, called and said she lost him 6 YEARS ago!!!! 6 YEARS!!! She looked everywhere for him, but had given up hope! Well, here’s the ending of this story. . .”

The touching photos show the joy of these long lost friends seeing each other againg after so much time has passed.


We are so glad this story ended with a sweet reunion and we hope these two will never spend a day of their life separated again.

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