K-9s Neglected in Their Retirement, Cop Spends His Savings to Care for Them

Meet Bai Yan, a police officer who lives in the eastern part of Zhejiang province, China. He was a member of the local police force for 13 years. His primary task was to handle all of the 30 police dogs who are assigned to and deployed to his department.

Over time, Bai formed a deep bond with his canine pack. Reaching retirement age, Bai noticed a problem amongst the dogs. It turns out that once police and service dogs retire, they did not have happy lives to look forward to. While they could actually qualify for adoption, many dogs are left neglected and miserable.

The only other option was to euthanize them. Not wanting either option for his canine friends, Bai sought to find a solution to this problem.

A few years earlier, one of Bai’s dogs, Sonny, had been unfortunately diagnosed with skin cancer. The doctors advised the distraught Bai to put Sonny down, but he adamantly refused. He had too much love for this dog after all. Instead, he wanted his dog to be healthy again.

Bai painstakingly prepared special baths for Sonny every day and lots of TLC. Eventually, Sonny started to recover! The officer realized that animals need love – just like humans do.

Bai had a mission – he founded his own retirement home for dogs! He spent over a million yuan (USD $150,000) to build the home himself. It was designed specifically for ageing dogs. The home houses multiple assault and agility courses as well as structured paths for walks. It was important for Bai to ensure that the dogs get ample exercise as they age.

Hard-working Bai keeps the home running – he prepares their daily breakfast, gives them medicine, and ensures there is room for playtime. He spends his weekends and public holidays at the dog home. Bai is committed to making a difference regarding the treatment of elderly animals in China.

Today, Bai does what he can to give the dogs he worked with a happier retirement. To him, they are his work comrades and family – and that is truly an unbreakable bond.

Check the video of this amazing man and his dogs below. 

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