Hero Cat saves an abandoned Infant left on freeze to death

That animal is incredibly friendly and compassionate is something every animal lover knows all too well. The story of the stray cat Masha from Obinisk, Russia, and her heroic deed only confirm this fact. Masha has spent her whole life on the streets, and knowing how cold and severe the Russian winters are, we know she doesn’t have it easy. However, she sort of becoming the neighborhood’s favorite stray and people offer her food and very often a shelter during the coldest of days.


68-year-old Irna Lavoraa is one of the kind-hearted people who wouldn’t let Masha freeze outside during the harsh evenings so she lets her in.

One day, this woman started hearing some strange meowing coming from the basement of the building. She immediately rushed down as she believed something was wrong with Masha. The loud noise sounded like a cry for help and it made Irna worried sick.


The sight she stumbled upon when she rushed downstairs chilled the blood in her veins. The cat was indeed asking for help, but not because she was hurt or hungry, but because she found a freezing baby in a cardboard box that she tried to keep warm.


The sweet baby boy was around 12-weeks-old and authorities believed he spent several hours in that box in the freezing weather. Strangely enough, his body wasn’t cold and he only survived because Masha was there to keep him warm.


Masha wouldn’t even let the baby’s side when the paramedics arrived and she tirelessly run after the ambulance.

“She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, miaowing. She was really a rational creature,” ambulance driver Vera Ivanina told the International Business Times.


People said how the incredible cat waited at the same spot for hours hoping for the baby to be brought back.

Luckily, the little one was doing great and now authorities are launching a search for the parents who abandoned him.

“She (Masha) is very calm and friendly, so when I heard her mewling, I at first thought she might have hurt herself. But clearly, it was just her maternal instincts taking over and she wanted to protect the child,” said Irna Lavora.

Masha is our hero and we can never thank her enough for what she did for that sweet soul. Thankfully, the people from the neighborhood know how to thank her the right way, by feeding her and providing shelter when needed.

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