German Zombie Hunter Couple stopped at the Swedish border

If you needed any further proof that things are getting pretty weird as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, look no further than the German couple that was caught trying to enter Sweden with a vehicle full of weapons. According to RTL Today, the couple first arrived in Malmo, Sweden via a ferry on March 25th. News coverage has gone viral after the Swedish customs agency released photos of the vehicle and 16 illegal weapons with ammunition ceased.

The Hummer they were driving has a “Zombie Response Team” logo along with an equally ominous message warning that “infected people will be shot.”

German 'zombie hunters' stopped at Swedish border with trove of ...
A photo of the vehicle which initially raised suspicions, taken and provided by the Swedish Customs Service.

Their vehicle raised the suspicions of border guards who detained the couple after inspecting their vehicle and finding the illegal weapons, according to Sweden’s SVT news.

The reports as to how large their arsenal that was seized was, but it’s believed to be anywhere between 16 to “over 20” different weapons, including several crossbows, a taser, several firearms designed to fire teargas canisters (along with actual canisters of teargas), a knuckle iron, and at least one truncheon.

A photo taken by Swedish Customs agents of the weapons seized on March 25th from a German vehicle which had a "Zombie Response Team" logo emblazoned on it.
A few of the weapons confiscated by Swedish customs agents on March 25th, 2020. Source: Swedish Customs Service

What makes this entire event even stranger is that they chose such an inconspicuous vehicle to attempt to smuggle such a large, illegal array of weapons in. RTL Today reported that their defense attorney claims they didn’t know these weapons could not be brought legally into the country. He goes on to explain that they were on their way home from their summer house which they had recently purchased in the Blekinge region of the country.

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Swedish media has made a few speculations, the most common being that they are port of a role-playing association, which would explain the ‘Zombie Response Team’ insignia, however, their actual motives have yet to be confirmed.

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