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‘From’ Series Explained: What are the Monsters?

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From is definitely among the most exciting TV series released in the latest years. After Season 1 was released in 2022, the show returned with Season 2 in 2023, and a third season is already on the plan. The plot of the TV show develops slowly, and having clear answers is always hard.

One of the most common questions is about the antagonists of the series: what are the monsters in From? Why are these creatures in this place, and what do they want from the humans? Let’s try to understand it together, based on the elements the plot revealed so far.

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From TV series explained: what are the monsters?

In the TV series From, we have a group of people coming from different places in the United States, ending up in this isolated town from which there is no way to escape. The most significant danger is represented by the monsters: creatures who come out of the woods after sunset, trying to kill every person they cross.

So far, the series From hasn’t revealed what the monsters/creatures really are. The plot reminds us of another iconic series from the past, Lost, which shares with From two executive producers, Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner: like in Lost, people in From struggle to understand where they really are and what the supernatural events around them mean. In every episode, they try to find more answers, hardly finding them.

According to this narrative approach, we should expect the series From to reveal some answers about the monsters later, maybe in some seasons, when the plot progresses more consistently.

Meanwhile, trying to get some answers is legit. There is even a long thread on Reddit where many viewers provided their points of view on the matter: according to them, the monsters might be evil Fae or Slaugh, mythical creatures with great powers. It’s a fascinating theory, and the viewers found many arguments supporting it. Still, the series From didn’t provide confirmation yet about it.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the monsters are supernatural creatures that intend to hurt the people who arrive in town. They approach humans pretending to be ordinary people and reveal their monstrosity once they can attack them. They don’t seem to have a specific objective besides following a killer instinct. At the end of From Season 1, a voice speaks to Jim through the radio, informing him that his wife Tabitha “shouldn’t be digging that hole.”

As we discover in Season 2, with her hole, Tabitha was close to reaching a set of tunnels underneath the town, where the monsters sleep during the daytime. This means they have enough intelligence to preserve their existence when they feel threatened by humans.

Based on the current evolution of the plot in From, we still cannot exclude that the monsters are controlling the humans in that town like it’s a sort of experiment. They always seem aware of what the people there try to do, and Season 1 doesn’t hide the suspect that they “get angry” when the citizens try some clever solution to escape. From this point of view, the creatures in From seem to constantly monitor humans. So, do they want all of them to die? How can they run any experiment without humans?

We don’t have this kind of answer yet. But we know that someone among the characters in From knows more than the others. There is Victor, who’s been there the longest and knows the symbol that appears regularly. There is the boy in white, who seems to guide Victor and the others in their battle to survive. There are the voices Sara hears, which allegedly want to prevent all of them from dying.

With all these elements of uncertainty, the plot of the series From proceeds without providing clear answers yet about the actual nature of the monsters/creatures. We will continue to follow the events and pay attention to every detail, updating this article every time a new element arrives. Meanwhile, you can continue to enjoy the TV show.

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