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Everything to Know About ‘1923’ Season 2

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Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone cinematic universe continues to expand. What began with one show following the dramas of the modern-day Dutton family on their Montana ranch, now features multiple spin-offs, including a forthcoming second season of 1923, the Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford-fronted prequel series following an earlier generation of Duttons establishing their roots in the American west.

Ahead of the finale of season one, Paramount+ confirmed that the show, which “explores the early twentieth century when pandemics, historic drought, and the end of Prohibition all plague the mountain west, and the Duttons who call it home,” will be coming back for another chapter.

Here, is everything we know so far about the show’s season two (in short, not much yet):

1923 Season 2 plot: What will happen?

Everything to Know About '1923' Season 2

Well, the script is still in the making, so anything could happen. Fates could be changing right now, but here’s what we assume will happen based on what that tense finale revealed.

The season wrapped with Donald Whitfield paying the Yellowstone ranch’s property tax. With the possession of the farm resting in his hands, the Duttons are facing a pretty uncertain future. That is unless they can scrape together enough to pay him back. What they will have to resort to in order to achieve that is the more pressing question.

Elizabeth is also sure to be in the depths of emotional turmoil following her miscarriage, which should make her story arc next season both tender and intense.

For newlyweds Alexandra and Spencer, the honeymoon is over and the fallout from Arthur’s death is likely to follow them into season 2.

Spencer has more to deal with beyond the royal family — or so Cara’s letter reveals. In the show’s final scene of the season, Cara can be seen reading the letter she wrote to Spencer.

It reads: “Spencer, I fear everything your parents fought so hard to build is being ripped from us. You are its only hope; you are our only hope. You must hurry, Spencer. Or there will be nothing left to fight for.”

She then crumples up the letter before tossing it in the snow and walking home.

A premiere date has yet to be announced.

Everything to Know About '1923' Season 2

Given how many projects Sheridan currently has in the works, which range from other Yellowstone-related series like 6666 to original shows like Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, and Lioness, it’s unclear when his schedule will open up to work on what comes next for the Duttons of 1923.

Both Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren appear to have confirmed to be returning.

While Paramount+ has not yet officially released any details on the cast for the second season of the series, in December 2022, Sheridan appeared to off-handedly confirmed that the show’s two biggest names will be heading back to the ranch for more. When asked if it was difficult to get Ford and Mirren to sign on for season two, Sheridan told Deadline, “They were excited. They only signed on originally for one season. They were so eager to continue it.”

In a February interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Ford seemingly echoed the sentiment.

Everything to Know About '1923' Season 2

Speaking about his work on 1923 as well as the Apple TV+ series Shrinking, Ford said, “[Shrinking] came along, and then, very quickly after that, 1923 came along. I took the job without a script for both of them, on faith that the people who created the projects were going to deliver me a good script. I really didn’t realize how much work 1923 was going to be, and I absolutely feel it’s worth it. I’m excited to do another season of both.”

Mirren likewise told Deadline that the news of a second season was “very happy news as far as I was concerned.” She added, “I’m fascinated to see where Cara is going to go. Taylor did say she is very much of her era, she’s looking after the house. That is what her job is. But then he said, ‘Wait, things are going to happen.’ So we’ll see.”

As for working with Ford, Mirren opened up about her affection for her co-star during a Deadline Contenders TV panel. “Harrison is just so… I mean I’ve worked with him before, many many years ago we played husband and wife in a film called Mosquito Coast,” she said. “He’s just such a beautiful person I have to say It was so great to come back and it was as if the thirty years just hadn’t existed and here we were together again as husband and wife. I just can’t say too much about Harrison really, in the sense of my love for him because I think he’s just fantastic as a person.”

Season one starred not only Ford and Mirren but also Brandon Sklenar, Darren Mann, Michelle Randolph, Aminah Nieves, Jerome Flynn, and Julia Schlaepfer. It’s likely many of these actors will return for a new season, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so there’s still plenty of speculation ahead.

Intentional or not, Arthur is toast. However, we do expect the following to return next season:

• Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton
• Darren Mann as Jack Dutton
• Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton
• Harrison Ford as Jacob Dutton
• Robert Patrick as Sheriff William McDowell
• Michelle Randolph as Elizabeth Strafford
• Jerome Flynn as Banner Creighton
• Aminah Nieves as Teonna Rainwater
• Timothy Dalton as Donald Whitfield
• Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud

Taylor Sheridan views season two as “the second half” of season one.

Season two, Sheridan told Deadline, is really “the second half” of season one, and will wrap up the story. He explained, “This one is different than 1883 where I had the whole thing blocked out in my head. This one, I had no idea what I was going to do. I just went on a journey myself and I’m the one that made the call to the network, which is probably the greatest call they ever got.

Everything to Know About '1923' Season 2

Hey, I need to make more episodes to finish this story. I need to do this in two blocks. An eight-episode block and a second eight-episode block to wrap this up. I can’t wrap it up in two episodes and do the story justice. For them, it is great because they get more content. For me, I get more runway.”

We’ll continue to update this post as more information is made public.

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