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Deadpool 3 Plot Leak: This Makes Sense

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There’s no question that Deadpool 3 is one of the most exciting movies in Marvel’s current MCU schedule. It’s the film that will bring Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson into the world of our beloved Avengers.

But since Marvel is transitioning Deadpool from the Fox universe to the MCU, the sequel has to fix some issues from the previous movies. There are ways to make this transition as smooth as possible, and a potential Deadpool 3 plot leak offers a great explanation for everything.

The plot leak can’t be verified at this time, but I really hope that it’s real. It makes so much sense that Marvel should definitely pay attention to it. Before I explain everything, note that big Deadpool 3 spoilers might follow.

The Deadpool 2 plot hole that Marvel needs to fix

You should remember that Deadpool 2 handles time travel differently than the MCU. You can travel to the past to change the future; that’s the moral of the story. And that’s a plot hole that Deadpool 3 needs to fix. Wade does end up saving his wife, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) in Deadpool 2. He also abuses his time-travel device to change other events in the past.

This is incredibly important to understand before we move to the Deadpool 3 plot leak.

One of the things Deadpool does is kill Wade Wilson from the Fox universe during the credits scene. That’s when he interacts with (Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), in what’s now great foreshadowing for Jackman’s return to the role.

The simplest way to explain Deadpool’s actions to match the time travel rules laid out in EndgameLoki, and other MCU multiverse movies is that Deadpool doesn’t know he’s not really changing the past. Each time he changes something, he creates a new timeline. One that the TVA will prune, at least until that moment in time when Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) kills He Who Remains in the Loki finale.

Another problem with Wade messing with the multiverse is that he might create incursions, as we learned from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. But again, the TVA happens to have the right tool at its disposal to prevent that. The TVA can fix that by pruning each of those timelines.

The big Deadpool 3 plot leak

Picked up by Redditors, this new Deadpool 3 plot leak comes from 4chan. That might sound dubious, but the forum has been the source of many accurate Marvel leaks in the past. It’s a great way for people who have accurate information about Marvel movies to try to hide their identity.

I’m telling you this to make it clear that we could be looking at fan fiction. But if it is fan fiction, it’s kind of brilliant.

Here’s the leaked Deadpool 3 plot, as reposted on Reddit:

There’s no NDAs in /tv/ so

Deadpool is arrested by the TVA for time travel. As a penalty, he’s given a job to eliminate a rogue timeline, where Magneto [Ian McKellen] has taken over the world and subjugated humanity House of M style. Owen Wilson gives Deadpool a handler to keep him out of trouble. Deadpool teams up with the Wolverine of this world, where Xavier and the Fox X-Men have joined Magneto and basically kill everyone. There are other MCU characters, but very brief mentions mostly, like how Magneto X-Men killed all the Avengers (Magneto can control the metal in Thor’s hammer and has it), but it’s mostly its own thing. From there, Deadpool and Wolverine kill everyone.

Why it makes sense

As crazy as it might sound, this Deadpool 3 plot leak provides everything we need for a smooth transition to the MCU. It’s also one that wouldn’t hurt Wolverine’s fate in Logan.

Of note, this new leak matches a brief Deadpool 3 plot leak from a few months ago that said “Deadpool kills the Fox Universe.“

If accurate, the plot leak explains how Marvel will deal with the previous Deadpool movies to prevent plot holes. The TVA could appear early in the film, catching Deadpool just like they did with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in season 1 of his Disney Plus series.

In such a case, all the timelines Deadpool ever created with his time travel tool would be destroyed. Well, most of them. Maybe the Fox universe, where he killed a Wade variant in the Deadpool 2 credits scene, is the reality that goes rogue. Perhaps that’s the reality the TVA could not prune.

Deadpool would certainly remain without a home timeline like Loki did. And that’s how he might end up in the MCU’s primary timeline.

Deadpool 3 Plot Leak: This Makes Sense
Deadpool 3 “Part Hugh” update: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman video. Image source: YouTube

Mobius (Owen Wilson) forcing Deadpool to work for him would also be right on brand for the TVA mid-level agent. It’s what he did with Loki, sending him out to capture Sylvie in the Disney Plus show.

The handler that Mobius might assign to Deadpool could be Matthew Macfadyen, who has a big role in the movie. Given that he will be on the set every day, according to Reynolds, he’d fit that description.

As for the Fox X-Men joining forces with Magneto and eventually killing most, if not all, Avengers, that would be an amazing development that also makes sense for Logan.

Let’s remember that Logan takes place in a future where there are hardly any mutants. Maybe it’s the same timeline that Deadpool and Wolverine will have to deal with in Deadpool 3. A timeline where they’d kill most mutants, maybe save for Professor X.

As for why the TVA would need Deadpool to kill this timeline that got out of hand rather than pruning it? Well, Loki taught us that you have a finite amount of time to destroy a timeline before it becomes a permanent branch of the multiverse. The TVA probably failed to do it, and that wouldn’t be surprising, considering how powerful the mutants would be if fighting together.

Deadpool 3 Plot Leak: This Makes Sense
(L-R): Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) in Marvel Studios’ Loki. Image source: Marvel Studios

As for Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen returning to their Fox X-Men roles, well, we already have Deadpool 3 rumors that say as much.

I’ll also mention an exciting Deadpool 3 leak that said Wolverine fights Hulk. A timeline where the Avengers fought the X-Men would be the place where we’d get to see such a fight in action. Not to mention that we’d definitely need to see the scene where Magneto kills Thor and gets Mjolnir. Watching the mutant wield the hammer despite not necessarily being worthy would be amazing.

That’s all speculation from yours truly, however. But it’s based on all the Deadpool 3 rumors we saw out there so far. And I will add that Deadpool 3 is Marvel’s rare occasion to put all these characters into the same adventure. A chance that might not come again anytime soon.

Brianna Hildebrand & Shioli Kutsuna Set To Return For Marvel Threequel

Hildebrand reprises her role from the first two films as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the mutant cohort of Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth, with the ability to generate nuclear explosions. Kutsuna plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s girlfriend Yukio, a Japanese mutant ninja introduced in Deadpool 2. Reynolds, Levy, Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese and Zeb Wells have scripted Deadpool 3. Reynolds will also produce alongside Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who is being introduced to the franchise for the first time following Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

Deadpool 3 Plot Leak: This Makes Sense

Plot details for Deadpool 3 are under wraps, though past installments have followed the misadventures of Wade Wilson (Reynolds), the foul-mouthed mercenary who transforms into the immortal superhero known as Deadpool following a disfiguring science experiment.

Other Deadpool veterans returning for the threequel include Karan Soni, Leslie Uggams, Morena Baccarin, Stefan Kapicic and Rob Delaney, who respectively portray Deadpool’s cab driver sidekick Dopinder, his roommate Blind Al, his fiancée Vanessa (who was killed and then revived in the sequel), the metallic mutant Colossus and human X-Force member Peter. Newcomers to the franchise will include Hugh Jackman (who reprises his role as Wolverine), as well as Emma Corrin and Matthew Macfadyen. The film is slated for release on November 8, 2024.

Hildebrand is also known for turns in films like Playing with Fire, Tragedy Girls and First Girl I Loved, and on such series as Lucifer, Trinkets and The Exorcist. She is represented by APA, Luber Roklin Entertainment and Brecheen Feldman Breimer

Kutsuna appeared in Netflix’s Murder Mystery and will next be seen in the second season of Invasion on Apple TV+. She is repped by AFA Prime Talent and attorney Mark Stankevich.

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