Couple Go To Adoption Centre To Choose A Cat And A Blind Kitty Chooses Them Instead

Innocent Blind One Got A New Home

When Nathaniel and Elliot Green went to adopt a cat on “Free Cat Friday” at the Lynchburg Humane Society they hoped to find a Siamese kitty. They were in for a surprise because a blind kitty would end up choosing them instead. Merlin had been up for adoption for quite some time and it appeared that no-one wanted to adopt a blind cat, but he was just as beautiful as any of the other cats at the shelter.

The staff at the shelter explained that Merlin had no real difficulties and was very chill and loved cuddles. When the Greens took Merlin home he, unfortunately, suffered a few health issues, he regularly had seizures and his new parent was rightfully worried. After some research, they discovered that he was allergic to wheat. They switched to wheat-free cat food Merlin has been perfectly healthy ever since! Merlin has been living with the Greens for over two years now and they all love their life together. Merlin even has his own Instagram page with over 100,000 followers!


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