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“Could see it becoming a Max original”: The CW Reportedly Won’t Renew Superman & Lois for Season 4

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Superman & Lois has proved itself to be above the other CW Arrowverse shows in terms of its CGI and sometimes even storylines. As such, over the course of two seasons and the currently airing third one, it has amassed a massive fan following who go with Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and their two sons on their adventures.

But it looks like there’s trouble in paradise. For a long time, fans of Tyler Hoechlin’s last son of Krypton and Bitsie Tulloch’s Lois Lane were hoping that even with James Gunn rebooting the DCU with a new man of steel, their show would be able to squeeze in one of two more seasons. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

Superman & Lois To Be Cancelled At The CW? 

Questions over the renewal of Superman & Lois didn’t begin after James Gunn announced his plans for Superman: Legacy. They began when Nexstar Media Group bought The CW. As Deadline reported, the main thing concerning the new ownership of the network is to ensure “lower-cost scripted programming in order to make the network profitable.

Since a lot of the shows already on the network aren’t exactly as cheap to produce as Nexstar would like so the axe of cancellation has been falling on a lot of them. Walker: Independence, a spin-off of the hit show, Walker, starring Jared Padalecki, has been canceled after one season. While Walker itself has been renewed but the number of episodes has been kept to only 13.

“Could see it becoming a Max original”: The CW Reportedly Won’t Renew Superman & Lois for Season 4
Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane

Walker was The CW’s best-performing show, with Superman & Lois mostly coming in second. So it getting a shortened season order is concerning for the DC superhero show. Moreover, previously, Brad Schwartz, the network’s new president, hadn’t offered any positive responses on having more DC content on the network.

However, Deadline reported that there’s a chance the superhero show could get renewed. But there’s a catch. The site stated “Of the Warner Bros. TV-produced shows, Superman & Lois and All American: Homecoming could make the cut if there are more scripted renewals, which is a big ‘if.’” However, instead of waiting for The CW to make its decision, fans of the Tyler Hoechlin-led show are already campaigning for HBO to save it.

Fans Of Superman & Lois Petition HBO Max To Save Their Show 

“Could see it becoming a Max original”: The CW Reportedly Won’t Renew Superman & Lois for Season 4
Tyler Hoechlin as Superman

Superman & Lois is one of the top three ratings performers among CW’s scripted shows. After airing on the network it streams on HBO Max, which is under the parent company of DC- Warner Bros. Discovery. HBO Max is regarded as the one-stop destination for DC content. As such, fans of the Superman show now want HBO Max to take over production from The CW and move it to streaming only their platform.

Most fans of the show are crushed at the possible abrupt cancellation. There’s speculation that there will be official confirmation regarding the fate of Superman & Lois by the end of this week or the next. HBO Max or Warner Bros. Discovery haven’t responded yet to the fan petitions. It remains to be seen what is ultimately the fate of the beloved show.

Superman & Lois is airing its third season on The CW and streaming on HBO Max.

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