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Citadel Episode 4 Recap: Plenty More Secrets

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Amazon’s action-packed spy series Citadel has reached the second half of its six-episode season, with episode 4 hitting Prime Video on Friday, May 12.

Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas) start the episode by trying to rescue another agent of Citadel, an intelligence agency that crumbled eight years prior, after learning that this spy was a captive of evil agency Manticore in the third episode.

Not watched the episode yet? Here’s how to watch Citadelif you need help working out where to stream it.

*Spoilers for Citadel episode 4 follow*

A new Citadel team-member

Citadel Episode 4 Recap: Plenty More Secrets
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The fourth episode of Citadel begins where the third left off: Kane and Sinh break into a Manticore black site in Morocco. Thanks to her having reclaimed her old memories, Sinh is dispatching Manticore agents left right and center, but Kane is no John Wick and struggles to do… anything, really.

After beating all the baddies, the duo rescues the agent they’ve been looking for: Carter Spence (Osy Ikhile). However all Spence will say is “you did this,” much to Kane’s confusion. Then: flashback to Citadel’s heyday.

Sinh and Kane are in the midst of their blossoming romance when she mentions that she’s bringing another agent to Citadel — Celeste is an agent she worked with before she joined Citadel and has a lot of faith in. 

When we meet Celeste she’s none other than Abby Conroy (Ashleigh Cummings), who we already know both as Kane’s future wife, and also Brielle, someone that baddie Anders Silje (Roland Møller) was in love with. Blimey, talk about multiple identities.

Celeste’s first mission

Despite his reservations, Mason Kane briefs Celeste on her first mission: she needs to infiltrate the Silje brothers (both played by Møller) to retrieve the Oz Key, a device they’re working on which has seemingly-infinite hacking abilities, and could be used for evil intent.

Kane emphasizes to Celeste — who is going undercover under the name Brielle for the mission — that she needs to believe her own identity, and fall in love with Anders Silje to really get close to him.

After several months, Celeste / Brielle goes dark, and Kane becomes convinced that she’s stealing the Oz Key for herself, in order to sell it and pay off her brother’s gambling loans to get him out of danger. So he organizes an Ops Team to get her out of danger and also retrieve the Oz Key — and while the team does get her, and also extracts Davik Silje, there’s no sign of the device or Anders.

A mole in Citadel

At Citadel HQ Kane questions Celeste, who insists that she has no idea where the Oz Key is. He’s not convinced, especially when he gets a text from a mysterious figure saying that “she took the case”.

Kane wants to do a ‘back stop’ on Celeste, which is a reversible operation that wipes someone’s memory — he wants to do this so that she can’t reveal any Citadel secrets while they investigate further.

This happens, and Kane even writes her a new name and arranges for her to have a house in Oregon (the one they’re living with in episode 1). But then he asks Bernard Orlick (Stanley Tucci) to delete the memories they have for her on file, which would stop her ever returning to Citadel.

Spence talks to Kane about his actions — Spence reveals that, as the communications manager for the team, he knows that Nadia sent a message to the Ops Team to pretend that they didn’t find the Oz Key, and instead deliver it to her. Clearly, Sinh was the “she” from the text message, and Kane doesn’t seem surprised, but he urges Spence to keep quiet about his fear that she’s a Citadel mole.

Back in the present, Spence reiterates this point. He repeats “you did this,” but specifies that he’s referring to Sinh. The evidence of her being a mole is stacking up!

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