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‘Beef’ Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2

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Beef on Netflix has caught the attention of many viewers thanks to its brilliantly gripping and frankly stressful plot.

The comedy-drama sees stand-up comedian and actress Ali Wong play Amy Lau with The Walking Dead‘s Steven Yeun as her on-screen nemesis, Danny Cho. Ali, a respected entrepreneur, finds herself embroiled in a snowballing feud with failed contractor Danny after the pair engage in a heated road rage incident.WATCH: Official trailer for Beef on Netflix

Across 10 episodes, Danny and Amy come face-to-face while trying to one-up the other which soon sparks dramatic consequences involving a huge web of lies, shocking moments, and even a few deaths. If, like us, the final two episodes left you positively shocked, then read on to see our explainer about what happened. 

Warning! Major spoilers ahead…

What happened at the end of Beef of Netflix?

There were many twists and shocking moments that occurred including Amy catfishing Danny’s brother, Paul (Young Mazino); Isaac (David Choe) ending up in prison multiple times and Danny creating a fake persona to befriend Amy’s husband, George (Joseph Lee), behind her back.

But it was the final two episodes where things really took a sinister turn. After Danny found out that it was Amy alone who had been Paul’s secret lover, he reached his limit and decided to seek revenge once and for all.

'Beef' Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2

He ended up turning up at the Lau home as ‘Zane’ when Amy wasn’t there to try and get to George. After Danny knocked George out after a fight, he drove away only to realize Junie was sitting in the backseat after getting in the wrong car – meaning Danny had accidentally become a kidnapper.

Danny then panicked and took Junie with him to meet Paul, their cousin Isaac and Isaac’s gang of criminals, Michael and Bobby, and decide to use Junie as leverage to get money from Amy.

At this point, Amy was at her boss Jordan (Maria Bello)’s house with her partner Naomi (Ashley Park) to discuss the future of her business when she received word from George that Junie has been taken by Danny.

'Beef' Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2

She then tried to negotiate with Isaac to get her daughter back. However, things became extremely messy when Isaac, Danny, and co. all turned up to Jordan’s house. Jordan and Naomi tried to get away by running to their escape room but when Naomi pushed the emergency button too quickly, Jordan got caught in the sliding door and, in a gruesome moment, was split in half.

Soon after, the police arrived and there was a shoot-out resulting in the deaths of Michael and, seemingly Paul, when Danny overheard gunshots fired upon his brother’s exit.

But the action didn’t stop there, because Amy and Danny then got caught up in another car chase and ran each other off the road to fall into the wilderness. After recovering from the crash, they soon realized they were deserted. 

A broken ankle and wrist, and a poisoning, later, the pair were found by George only for him to pull out a gun and shoot Danny. The final moments of the series showed Amy hugging Danny on his bed as he recovered in the hospital.

'Beef' Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2

Did Paul Cho from Beef die?

After Paul escaped Jordan’s home, viewers saw Danny react to a series of gunshots that he assumed were aimed at his brother, leaving him fearing that his brother had been killed. 

However, upon getting away from the wilderness and gaining phone reception, Danny received a text message from his brother which confirmed that he survived. Phew!

'Beef' Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2
Steven Yeun in Beef on Netflix

What does Beef’s ending mean for a potential season two?

Netflix is yet to announce whether season two of Beef is actually happening, but it has been a huge success in terms of viewer rating figures and critical reception, meaning it’s certainly a possibility.

But many are stating that the ending showing Danny and Amy hugging after nearly losing their lives was the perfect way to bring the show to a “neat” conclusion. Lead actor Steven even told Digital Spy that the cast and crew didn’t know if there is set to be more episodes.

'Beef' Ending Explained and What it Means for Season 2
The show has not confirmed whether it’ll be back for a season two

If the show does return, the storyline will be perhaps somewhat different to the first. It could even focus on Amy and Danny’s reconciliation, even possible romance given the emotional moment at the end of episode ten.

It’ll likely also focus on Amy’s divorce from George and the future of her company, which will no doubt hang in the balance following the death of her old boss, Jordan. We’ll have to wait and see… 

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