An Evil Woman Throws a Puppy From 3rd Floor Balcony to Death

A passerby in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was appalled to see a Husky puppy flying down from the balcony of a 3rd story apartment. The puppy was intentionally tossed off the balcony by a cold-blooded woman, leading to the death of the poor little pup.

Poor Puppy looking from the balcony

A criminal complaint was made against the woman, and the police arrived to look into the matter. The puppy’s corpse was recovered from a nearby dumpster. A microchip check revealed that the puppy belonged to a 28-year-old woman named Ashley Scott. Witnesses claim that Ashley is the one who threw the puppy. Pass this on and help the cops nab this shameless killer.

Update: The police have successfully managed to build a case and arrest Ashley for her outrageous crime. She violently kicked the officers who came to arrest her. Later, she confessed to pushing her puppy to his death and throwing his dead body in the dumpster

The Evil Woman

The puppy’s necropsy report is awaited for further action. Ashley has no past criminal record. She is currently charged for malicious cruelty to an animal and two counts of battery against a peace officer. We hope she gets the strictest punishment for her disgusting act of murder.

Click the video below to watch a witness’s account on Ashley’s disturbing crime and her eventual arrest.


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