A Family Gets Surprise Visit From A Unexpected Guests

It was just a normal Sunday morning for an Arizona couple Paul and Pamela Oldach. Well, that all changed when they looked outside and saw some unexpected guests. They didn’t just see a litter of kittens playing around, they found a litter of wild bobcats playing around! While the litter of bobcat kittens were playing in their backyard the mother and several other adult bobcats were on watch to make sure the babies were safe.


The kittens stayed in their yard for about 20 minutes until one adult, likely their mother, gathered them up to leave. The three kittens were all curious and even took a drink out of the Oldach’s pool. Although they are usually shy animals, bobcats are known to make themselves at home in residential neighbourhoods provided they have shelter, food and water.


“Seeing Arizona nature at its best.”

A Pose

“They were very curious while roaming our backyard,” Oldach said. “At one point, all three took a drink out of the pool.”

Another Pose

Paul and Pamela Oldach grabbed their camera and captured the special moments of these beautiful cats.

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