9 People Were Photographed Before & After Seeing Their Loved One

“The aim of the project was to show that love is a feeling that makes us better,”

Mihnea Ratte

“Everyone was invited for a photoshoot and after they got their first portrait taken, we asked them to look at the table above my camera,” he explained. “On the tablet, we played a video of their loved ones who said ‘I love you.’ If it was a video of a pet, it was doing something nice.”

“[The models] had no clue what was going to happen,” Mihnea added. “That’s what got the reactions.” The main thing the photographer took away from the project was the realization that love is evident in people’s entire bodies.

For the photos, Mihnea chose a warmer color temperature, to highlight how cozy and loved everyone was feeling.

“At first, I didn’t believe it can be done with a camera pointed at them. However, after shooting the first two models I understood that it’s possible. And not because of me or my gear. It was all about what they felt.”










Image credits: Mihnea Ratte

Watch the making of the video below.

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Sources –  Bored Panda

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