6 Illustrations Of The Weirdest Conversations That I Overheard In The Elevator

People take elevators every day and sometimes have conversations in them. Some of them are sad, some are heated and some are funny. I kept the ones I found the most amusing on my iPhone and started drawing them out whenever I got the chance. It’s very curious how in a small space, in such a short amount of time, there’s so much information exchanged and emotions expressed. I only drew what really happened, nothing is made up.

1. Psychologist

2. Hired By GOOGLE

3. Wife And GF

4. Really Bad Ideas

5. Lunch

6. Overthinking

Read More Comics Here.

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Sources –  WTF Detective | Bored Panda

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Hyu Yun
Hyu Yun
1 year ago

I love your site

BoredBat Author
1 year ago
Reply to  Hyu Yun

Thank You.

Richard Bland
Richard Bland
1 year ago



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