25 Movies That Could’ve Ended in 10 Mins, If This Happened

In order to enjoy a movie, you need two things. A big bag of popcorn and willingly suspending your disbelief for a couple of hours. That way, you can kick-back, relax, and enjoy the flick without illogical things making you irritated every few minutes.

However, quite a lot of movies andshows could end before the end of the first act if some of the characters were a bit smarter or relied on better common sense. That’s what redditor RedstonekPL showed us with his viral thread where they asked people to share what movies could be resolved in 10 minutes if the main characters weren’t such fools.

Let’s Enjoy !!

The Little Mermaid

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesThe Little Mermaid.

Ariel: Daddy I love him!

King Triton: You don’t even know him!

Ariel: Good point.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-Minutes“50 Shades of Gray.”

Ana – “You’re an abusive stalker with serious emotional trauma. Seek help.”

The Ring

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesThe ring

Girl 1: “Hey do you wanna watch the tape that kills you in 7 days”

Girl 2: “No thanks”

Sleeping Beauty

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesSleeping Beauty

“Honey, we should invite Maleficent to our daughter’s christening. I know she’s the Mistress of All Evil, but it’d probably end up worse for us if we don’t invite her.”


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesAll the crew had to do was listen to Ripley and not break quarantine


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesTwilight. “Stop staring at me you vitamin D deficient creep” DONE

Harry Potter

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesWell, if Voldemort had conjured a shotgun to kill Harry Potter, not even a mother’s love would have saved him from that. But noooo, he had to be all melodramatic and Avada Kedavra the little Chosen One…

Jurassic World

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-Minutes“Huh. I can’t see the indominus rex. Let me just take a look at the GPS tracking device. Oh. It’s in the cage but invisible. Better not open any doors or go inside.”

Finding Nemo

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-Minutes“Don’t swim to the drop-off, nemo”

“ok dad”


Willy Wonka

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesWilly Wonka & the chocolate factory: The kid finds the golden ticket and sells it to another rich, spoiled kid. Easy millions, they are not poor anymore and he wouldn’t have a trauma because of the dying kids in the factory

The Lord Of The Rings

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesElrond should have just stabbed Isildur the instant he said, “no”

The Lion King

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesLion King- “don’t listen to Scar, Simba. He wants to be king through any means necessary. And nobody goes to that gorge to practice their roars.”


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesTangled, if Mother Gothel had simply given Rapunzel a different birthday in the first place, she never would have thought the lanterns were “for her”

Batman Begins

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesBatman Begins

The Waynes shouldn’t have left through the side exit of the theater. Just call Alfred and wait out front.


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesAladdin. If Jafar would have just paid Aladdin what he promised him instead of betraying him at the cave, he would have had the lamp and become king be mighty powerful. Aladdin just wanted his money in return for the lamp.



The parents completely isolated Elsa from the world, leaving her with insecurity and anxiety. They also seemingly neglected Anna as her behavior was never in check, which is why she continuously butted her way into Elsa’s space when she CLEARLY needed some time alone to clear her head. Maybe if they two actually talked instead of Anna’s near assault on Elsa, something could’ve been worked out that didn’t include running away and getting hypothermia in a semi-frozen river.



If Lighting McQueen listened to his crew and changed his tires as ordered, he could have won the race.

Breaking Bad

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesNot a movie, but breaking bad would have worked out much better for Walt if he had just swallowed his pride and allowed his old friend to pay for his cancer treatment.


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesThe Matrix. If Neo had just taken the blue pill and lived out his miserable days like the rest of us

Star Wars: Episode 1

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesStar Wars Episode 1. Not exactly 10 minutes, but, Padme could have bought Anakin’s mom and he would have probably never turned to the Dark Side.

Republic credits may not be worth much on Tatooine, but im sure one of her jewel encrusted headdresses is.

The Visit

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesThe Visit:

Kids: “We’re going to visit our grandparents.”

Mom: “I don’t want you to go, but if you feel like you really want to go, I’ll drive you to their house.”

Mom: “Hey, y’all ain’t my parents. I’m calling the police.”

The end.

Back to the Future

Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesBack to the Future. The man stored plutonium in his garage. Anyone willing to do that should be throwing off red flags like candy at a parade.

Marty: “I’m sorry Crazy Old Man with tons of potentially dangerous and toxic crap in your garage, you want me to do what? At 1am? On a school night? Yeah, no can do, got a test tomorrow.”

Headline the next morning: “Local Crazy Person Gunned Down By Terrorists at Hill Valley Mall. Police Reportedly Not Surprised As He Was Really Crazy and Into Weird Stuff.”

Marty: “Well huh, glad I didn’t go to the mall.”

The end.


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesGremlins, if the idiot had only followed the rules!


Movies-That-Could-Over-10-MinutesForget movies, How I Met Your Mother took 9 years, a 5 min story….

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